Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Jazz it up for the Holiday

Hello Beauties,

It’s that time of year when the parties are in full effect and no one will judge you!! There will be Hanukkah parties, Christmas parties and then the grand finale or the first bang of course which is New Years’ Eve.

My best advice to jazz up your look would be the easiest… pick the best red for you!!! YES, I said RED! Red is one of the best colors that can give your look an update. Trust I know that you may be thinking/saying “She’s crazy and I’ll look like a harlot”!! That’s not the case. At least not anymore. Fashion magazines and Runways have been telling us it’s the next best thing and especially this past season. When even Sephora got in on the action and added a Beauty Studio Make up Lesson, so we can walk in and find our perfect red!  

Of course it depends on your complexion so here is a few guidelines

Porcelain Princess Beauties: Nicole Kidman, Dita Von Teese
Olive Beauties: Kardashians
Pecan Beauties: Eva Longoria, Alicia Keys
Carmel Beauties: Iman, Beyonce Knowles
Godiva Girl Beauties: Alec Wek

What color red works best with your complexion!
I know that you are thinking a red is a red!
Reds come in a variety of blue, pink or orange base.
If you are a Porcelain Princess an orange-based red will be a perfect match.
If you are on of my Pecan Beauties or my Olive Beauties then a true red or even a blue base would be sooo beautiful! 
If you are one of my Carmel Beauties or Godiva Beauties a blue will be a great tone.

Some of my Fav’s
Kay Von D: Hell bent and Underage
MAC: Russian red, Red Pepper (not sure if this is available anymore) J, Viva Glam I.
MUFE: has 14 reds alone!! How can you not find one! The most popular is 21 and 43
Nars: Red Lizard, Afghan Red

When trying out a new color, (not just red) look in the mirror with an open mind. Take a second to get used to it, instead of just saying, “I don’t like it”. It's going to be a shock because you aren't used to seeing yourself with it. 

Good Luck Beauties! 

Here’s great site!

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