Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Jazz it up for the Holiday

Hello Beauties,

It’s that time of year when the parties are in full effect and no one will judge you!! There will be Hanukkah parties, Christmas parties and then the grand finale or the first bang of course which is New Years’ Eve.

My best advice to jazz up your look would be the easiest… pick the best red for you!!! YES, I said RED! Red is one of the best colors that can give your look an update. Trust I know that you may be thinking/saying “She’s crazy and I’ll look like a harlot”!! That’s not the case. At least not anymore. Fashion magazines and Runways have been telling us it’s the next best thing and especially this past season. When even Sephora got in on the action and added a Beauty Studio Make up Lesson, so we can walk in and find our perfect red!  

Of course it depends on your complexion so here is a few guidelines

Porcelain Princess Beauties: Nicole Kidman, Dita Von Teese
Olive Beauties: Kardashians
Pecan Beauties: Eva Longoria, Alicia Keys
Carmel Beauties: Iman, Beyonce Knowles
Godiva Girl Beauties: Alec Wek

What color red works best with your complexion!
I know that you are thinking a red is a red!
Reds come in a variety of blue, pink or orange base.
If you are a Porcelain Princess an orange-based red will be a perfect match.
If you are on of my Pecan Beauties or my Olive Beauties then a true red or even a blue base would be sooo beautiful! 
If you are one of my Carmel Beauties or Godiva Beauties a blue will be a great tone.

Some of my Fav’s
Kay Von D: Hell bent and Underage
MAC: Russian red, Red Pepper (not sure if this is available anymore) J, Viva Glam I.
MUFE: has 14 reds alone!! How can you not find one! The most popular is 21 and 43
Nars: Red Lizard, Afghan Red

When trying out a new color, (not just red) look in the mirror with an open mind. Take a second to get used to it, instead of just saying, “I don’t like it”. It's going to be a shock because you aren't used to seeing yourself with it. 

Good Luck Beauties! 

Here’s great site!

Holiday Kits 2010

Hello Beauties!!

I have to admit that I love Thanksgiving and Christmas for more reasons than you think? I LOVE it because that when all of the cosmetic lines introduce their Holiday kits for us to fall in love with. You know as well as I do, that this is like bringing a fat kid to a cake shop!!! YES, I said it and its true, you can go into overload and you must compose your self and count to 5 1…2…3…4…5 okay, I’m not dizzy anymore! J It’s just too much!!!!!
I have to admit that there are a lot of kits that I super excited about. What I’m going to do it just show you a few of the ones that I was able to drool over.

MAKE UP FOR EVER:  Their best of kits is one of the best kits out there!
Why? because you are able to touch all of their best selling products for half the cost. Leader of the pack is the Microfinish powder, its TRANSULANT, which means everyone can wear it! Your porcelain Princess as well as your Godiva Girls! Please do get me started on the double duties for this! Aqua Eye number 0L hands done one of the best waterproof pencils in the market!! Its goes on creamy and its stays!!! Smoky Lash: fabulous mascara that will give volume, length and conditions your lashes so they are damaged. And last but not least a mini Sens Eyes, which is their make up remover for everyone nit just people with contacts. This stuff will take off waterproof anything and won’t leave the skin oily. Trust as an oily and a blind girl (contacts are need for everything) I take great pride in using this product.

Tarte: What can I say about this all in one kits? You are able to get a full face in one beautiful compartment and get a jazzy necklace to wear to the good club!! You get 32 eyes hadows, 8 lip glosses, 5 eyeliners, one of their popular bronzer, and a shimmer powder. Park Avenue Princess, which is one of the best bronzers on the market, because it provides shimmer without making you look like a 3rd grade science project on those days you are in a rush and may not quite land all the product where it needs to be.

Too Face: They never let us down in the kit department. They constantly provide us with kits to sample their products. In this Pixie Pin up kit is great because once again you get the cult favs with some newbies! One of their popular products Shadow Insurance eye shadow primer, 6 eye shadows, Lava Gloss Eyeliner and Lash Injection Pinpoint mascara.

Urban Decay: Naked Palette, of course getting your hands on this is what will be the challenge! This palette is a one-stop shop, which means you can make yourself beautiful looks with just this one palette. Don’t say too many bad words because I did hear that they will be adding it to their permant line!  In this kit, we get 5 new shades and you a get a few of your trusty favorites. You a get wide range neutrals and more sultry colors. You also get the cult favorite award-winning 24/7 eyeliner in Zero (black) and Whisky (brown) and last but not least a small bottle of Primer Potion.

Bliss: I have to admit that I am very biased with Bliss! Because they have the best body product known to man!!!!! No REALLY, anything that can help my thighs from via Fat Girl Slim!! Yes!!! And I am doing sprit fingers lol
Any who!!!~ Why I want you all to look at these kits because you are able to get the most bang for your dollar! Right now they have regular size Body Butter and Body wash. My personal favorite is the Blood Orange; it’s just something about the scent that makes me feel awake in the morning.

There are so many that I we may just have to talk about this again! 

Saturday, November 20, 2010

So let's get started!!

Bousie Blog featuring Make Up and Stuff

Who: This is a place where we ALL can play and discuss our addictions to products amongst other Beauties! This is a place ALL us girls can speak.  Our Teens all the way up to our Champagne girls. Our Porcelain Princesses to our Godiva Girls. We all have special questions so ask’em!   

Why: Because there are a lot of people who like make up, but never have the time to dedicate to touching every single product. 

Difference: Lets just be honest, just about every girl LOVES make up! But not every one knows hoe to use the product or the different ways to use a product. We get caught up on what the label says when we can get more bang for our buck if we think bout of the box.

We all have our favorites, but I promise that when I am being biased I will say it!!

With all this said lets get started!!!!