Friday, July 6, 2012

SAVAGES: LA Premiere Blake Lively

Blake Lively who has told the Press in the past that she doesn’t use a stylist, made a beautiful statement at the Savages LA Premiere, where she chose figure-hugging gown by Zuhair Murad. She finished her look with an old Hollywood retro curls.

Complexion: Blake gave great face with a nice glowly complexion, your can get this look, by using a tinted moisture that give enough coverage as well as provide SPF. A great tinted moisturizer on the market is Laura Mercier, if you can’t find a color the NARS tinted moisturizer has an array of colors for every skin tone. Use your hands when applying tinted moisturizer to get the best coverage.

Eyes: To achieve Blake’s’ eyes use a shade of eye shadow that is very close to your skin tone. One of my personally favorites is Urban Decay’s Vanilla because it gives a bit a brilliance while showing your skin. Don’t skip on the lashes or be sure to pile on a great volume giving mascara. Bigger the brush, the more volume your lashes will get.

Cheeks: You want to keep the cheeks light, so use a color like Madly From NARS Cosmetics, which is a nice, brown pink.  Place Luxor multiple stick from NARS Cosmetics on the cheekbones as a highlighter.

Lip: Blake chose a nice red orange like NARS Heatwave that completes her look and gives her skin a bronze look.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Katy Perry: Get the Look

Last week Katy Perry for the Premiere for her movie walked the Pink carpet in a beautiful old Hollywood Dolce & Gabbana red party dress.  Katy sported her signature purple hair and her classic signature look.

Complexion: Star with a great matte foundation, Katy keeps her porcelain look year round, buy choosing a full coverage foundation to block out any redness.

Eyes: Keep the eyes light maybe you want to place a little NARS Copacabana across the eyes, to give it a nice flush of radiance.  Last but not least, pile on the lashes. Katy is not afraid of lashes and loves to wear them.

Cheeks: You want to keep the cheeks light, so use a color like Tea Rose From Too Faced Cosmetics, which is a nice, muted, rose.  Place Copacabana multiple stick on the cheekbones as a highlighter.

Lip: Make Up For Ever Lipstick #205 or MAC Cosmetics Ruby Wu, both are classic reds that work REALLY well with every skin. If you have always wanted to try a red lip, don’t dismiss it at first site. Look away for a moment and then come back and take a look. A bold lip can be shocking at first, but it grows on you if you give it a second. 

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

New MAC Collection : Heavenly Creature

I'm super excited about these new eye shadows. I haven't been this excited about a MAC launch in a long time. Can't wait to review these. I want them ALL! Please and Thank you

**Where to Get:
** Don’t forget in go in store as much as you can, your in store make up artist appreciates it. J

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Farrah Fawcett 1947-2009

Had a SUPER BUSY day, Monday, but I have to take the time to pay homage to a Beauty Icon.
 Farrah Fawcett RIP 1947- 2009
Who hasn't tried to get these curls or wanted a red swim suit. You gave it a good fight, Farrah! 

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

1st day of Summer time...

First Day of Summer and its time to Summer Proof your Make up

Why Cream Blush?

Don’t let cream blush scare you, Beauties. Cream blush is the one of the make up world’s best kept secrets. I used to be scared of it too however, whether you layer it or wear it alone it could be amazing for your look. The majority of our favorite brands have both cream and powder. Today, lets talk about Too Faced because its moderate priced and have complimentary colors in powder form.

Full bloom cheek color by Too Faced comes in 3 beautiful colors. They are lightweight and easy to blend. The color payoff is it is a true color and provides a radiant flush of color to the cheeks. A great way to apply cream is with the ring finger. The ring finger is great because you are able to apply color without over doing it.  I’m extremely heavy handed and this works for me personally.   It is better to have to add more color, then to blend away too much product. Remember to apply the similar powder blush or a transulant powder to set. Its important to ALWAYS set cream because it will not stay smooth, no matter what your skin type.
Another good tip for cream blush is that you can apply the color to the lips too. Too Faced Full Bloom Blush has nourishing and hydrating properties like avocado, vitamin A thru F, that promotes a beautiful complexion.

Where to Get:
** Don’t forget in go in store as much as you can, your in store make up artist appreciates it. J

Ulta :
Sephora :

Price:  Full Bloom, Cheek & Lip Color Cream: $21.00
Corresponding Full Bloom, Ultra Flush Blush (Power)$19.00
** Pictures Provided by: Too Faced Cosmetics

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Larger Than Life Gloss...

Spring 2012
Larger Than Life
 Lip Gloss

Francois Nars, the King of color has introduced high shine impact glosses. They have intense color, glamorous shine and last longer than the traditional gloss. I know what you may be thinking, Why is this gloss ANY different than other glosses?.

Why is makes the Spring List
Nars has created an ultra creamy full-bodied gloss that is comfortable on the lips and will not dry the lips out. The new brush delivers precise application to define the shape of the lips as well as moisturize, hydrate and prevent radical free damage. There are also natural lip enhancers that will add volume (plumping) without the tingling.  No matter how small or large your lips may be volume is a good thing.
There are 10 shades and by the time this makes it to you, Spring break may have made its debut.

Stacey’s tip: Use a pencil to layer!

Where to Get:
** Don’t forget in go in store as much as you can, your in store make up artist appreciate it. J

Price: $ 24.00

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Urban Decay Shadows...The BEST...

Spring 2012
Urban Decay debuts 68 fabulous new shades

Urban Decay who is one of the color giants in the makeup industry. They are the creators of the perfect eyeliner and some of the industry’s most popular colors. They have improved and refined their shadows. They truly are amazing. Urban has repackaged the individual shadows allowing them to pop out of the case easily. We have all experienced having a eye shadow palette and using only 2 or 3 colors, while the rest kind of just sit there.   Urban Decay is  the top palette maker and now you are able to pick and choose the colors you want in your personal arsenal. The shadows are richer and smoother. They glide on like amsecond skin.  When they were first introduced to me, I was excited because its new product and I AM A PRODUCT JUNKIE! Vanilla, which happens to be one of my favorites, is even better in the new formula.  I can’t wait to  build my complete palette with only my absolute favorite shadows. 

Where to Find:
Urban Decay: 
Price: $18.00
Build Your Own Palette $18.00

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Monday, June 11, 2012

Charlize Theron: Get The Look

Get The Look
Charilze Theron

She’s an amazing actress, who is dominating the summer theaters with Snow White and the Huntsman and Prometheus.  Last week at the MTV Movie awards, she rocked the Red Carpet with a gorgeous summer look and a RED Lanvin dress. She looked amazing. 

Complexion: Start with a natural finish foundation. A natural finish foundation is when it’s not too dewy and it’s not matte. So it is right in between of dewy and matte finish.  I can’t stress enough to match your foundation exactly to your skin color.  In the summer most women will change to another warmer color.

Eyes:  For this look I would use Bobbi Brown’s Shimmer Brick in Pink. I love this palette because you can use this to add definition to the eye without making it too dramatic.  The Shimmer Brick is also a great high lighter, for the cheekbones.  Line the eyes with a deep brown liner and use mascara that will add volume and length.

Cheeks:  The Too Faced Tea Rose is a nice muted blush that will add color to the skin.  The Tea Rose is wonderful because it adds color, but not a pink or a peach.

Lips: Givenchy’s Voluptuous Nude, which is a sheer nude that is great on any skin tone. Yes, if you are a bit deeper in skin tone, you will have to add a lip pencil to the edges of the lip to assist in melting the color together. 

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Chrisette Michele: Get The Look

Get The LOOK
Chrisette Michele

An amazing Grammy Award winning singer who has penned beautiful music that speaks to the soul. Never afraid of to try something new, I love this look on her because its fresh, light and classic! It is also a way to bring in the summer.  As well as introduce color to your look, especially in you are a bit intimidated.

Complexion: Start with a great matte foundation, its ideal to match your skin dead on.  If anything please go lighter, because you can always use bronzer to make it deeper. Where if you get a foundation that is too dark, you will always have a ring around the face and neck. 

Eyes:  With Chrisette Michele, who has beautiful eyes kept it really simple. You can a bit of bronzer over the lids and line upper and lower lash line with black. Last but not least pile on the mascara.

Cheeks:  I would highlight the cheek with illuminator and NARS “Luster” on the apples of the cheeks.

Lips:   I love OCC’s Lip Tar in Demure a berry tone fuchsia. Lip Tar stays on and will complete you look for almost the entire night.

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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Rihanna US Premiere of Battleship

Get the Look

I saw this last week(a few weeks ago) and it caught my eye, Rihanna has her up's and downs in fashion, but her make up is typically dead on!! See her look for the U.S. premiere of Battleship, which came in 2nd place to the Avengers ! Not a bad start.

Skin: Choose a foundation that matches your skin tone. I personally LOVE for it to be dead on specially in the spring time. Its a great way to start any look. After applying foundation, place Too Faced Candlelight on the forehead, cheek bones and maybe a little on the eye lids. 

Eyes: Place a eye shadow base on both lids and place a little bit of highlight that we used to highlight our skin on the lids. Complete look with a waterproof black eye liner. 
Urban Decay in Perversion, which gives a matte black with zero shine. 

Lips: Smashbox Be legendary in True Red, which is a nice red that blends well on any skin.

**Pictures provided by: Rihanna AP Press, for Smashbox lipstick and Urban Decay 24/7 eye liner.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Spring Inspiration 2012

It’s springtime and as nature renews life, the land of beauty is also ready for a renewal with great new products and the reinvention of some of the classics.

This year, our spring beauty inspirations include bursts of bright colors that are very reminiscent of jewel tones. On the runway, our designer friends are giving us emerald greens, fiery oranges, electric blues, vibrant maize and intense purples.
Now you are thinking, “ how am I going to put all these colors into my look?” The key to making trends work is not to take everything that every fashion and beauty segment is showing and put it together!
The idea is for you to work these colors into your own personal style. One thing is to remain true to yourself and your own style. For example if its not your personality or style to wear bright colors over the eye, don’t wear it in your crease to add a pop of color. One thing that I thrive on is making new items fit into a Beauty’s make up bag not totally remaking her. Lets face it; its super expensive and some mass-market products are Great!!
Here’s few of my fav’s for working Bursts of Color into your look!!

Emerald Green

Fiery Orange

Electric Blue

Vibrant Maize

Intense Purple

 ** Pencils are great because they come in soooooo many shades to change your look. Plus, they come in every Classic and Trendy Color. 

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Too Faced Contest

Too Faced Contest
**I had to share this contest with my, Beauties!! Our friends at Too Faced Cosmetics are sponsoring TURN ON THE GLOW contest with fabulous prizes that are a "Bousie Make Up" girls’ dream for the summer. It’s never too early for bronzer and it is for EVERY Beauty.  I’ve posted the details on how to enter from the Too Faced web site or Too Faced facebook page.

Enjoy Creating Your Look and Good Luck!!

Summer is coming! You can never be TOO bronzed!

Shake off dull grey skin and TURN ON THE GLOW! Show us your best Too Faced sun-kissed, bronzed look for a chance to WIN simply by uploading your glam tan pic in our TOO Bronzed Photo Contest.

Create your best-bronzed look – we’re a fan of a beautiful all-over-glow, contouring and that healthy tropical vacation tan without the harmful effects of the sun!
Snap a photo!
Upload your photo and complete the entry form here.
Tell your friends to vote!
Daily winners: every day we’ll select a random entry to receive our *NEW* Milk Chocolate Soleil Bronzer and a Retractable Petite Pouf Powder Brush, valued at $44!
2 Grand Prize winners will each receive a $250 eGift Card to shop on!
1 Grand Prize Winner will be selected based on most total number of votes received by April 7, 2012 at 11:59 PM PST.
1 Grand Prize Winner will be hand-selected by Too Faced Co-Founder and Creative Director, Jerrod Blandino!
*Click the Submit Entry tab to get started and review contest rules!

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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Sweet Whitney...

Whitney Houston

It’s astonishing how we never truly value someone until they are gone. In light of black history month, I would be remiss if I didn’t say anything about our newest angel, Whitney Houston.

Like many little brown girls, when I saw Whitney’s videos, she was the pinnacle of beauty. She had beautiful makeup, large hair, sequined dresses and a voice.  With that voice, she was able to blur color lines and become a bonafide super star.

In the past few days, I’ve been flooded with memories of playing my Whitney albums so much that my mother would come in and say “please let her sing it alone”! She made us believe that we were  “Every Woman” and in true defiant Leo fashion, “My Name is not Susan”. She reminded me that I was worth more that a “Million Dollar Bill”.  Just like anyone’s life, there are up and downs. Fortunately, we didn’t/don’t have to live it out in the public eye for everyone to judge.  

What remains true is that she used her voice to express OUR feelings of love and hope. Bousie Make Up would like to honor and thank you for your contributions to our world.  

May God continue to bless and keep the Houston/Brown family. 


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Adele and Vogue

The New Vogue is out …

This month Adele graces the March 2012 cover. I  can’t say enough about how excited I am to see a girl who is not the “ideal size” wow the industry, and be recognized for her exceptional talents. If you don’t know who this cover girl is,  she’s a 6-time Grammy winner whose album “21” dominated the 2012 Grammy Awards.  Staying true to her “look”, she is gorgeous with flawless skin. Her skin tone shadows a dramatic version of her signature cat eye, and of course, she has fabulous BIG hair!

Bliss Fabulous Face Lotion

Skin Care is ALWAYS Important

We have a tendency to focus on make up, because it’s the fun part, however, I cannot stress enough, the importance of proper skin care.

I just tried a few new goodies and I need to share the love!!!

Fabulous Face Lotion

Time for a story!  As I was getting dressed one morning , I said, “Stacey, let’s try this new product”! While I was putting on this lotion, I say to myself “Ohh this is fabulous!” I reached for the   box that I discarded, and to my surprise it said, FABULOUS FACE LOTION!!!!!  Of course you know I chuckled to myself and thought how brilliant I was! Okay, okay, I laughed out loud and said it out loud!

Since I am an oily girl, I usually have real issues with facial lotions. I hate lotions that are heavy and greasy.  This lotion is slated for all skin types, and has a SPF of 15, which is super important, even for Brown Beauties.

Bliss has given us this lightweight, non-greasy lotion that delivers essential vitamins, minerals and omegas. It also illuminates the skin!  Who could ask for anything more!

In the words of Bliss, “It will make you look  `spa-velous’!

Enjoy Beauties! 

Where to Find: $36.00
Sephora: :  Go and experience the product firsthand!

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Too Faced Amazing Face Foundation

Too Faced
Amazing Face
Oil Free
Close up Coverage Foundation

As an artist, I am often asked, “ What is your favorite foundation”?  Of course, I have a few favorites! However, foundation choices depend on clients and situations.  For example, cosmetic company, Too Faced started with skin care formulas that are incorporated in their foundation products.  Their foundation gives medium coverage that dramatically reduces the appearance of fine lines and pores providing a flawless look to the skin.

However, this line does not have a lot of colors to choose from. It is said that every Beauty should have at least two foundations. As a Brown Beauty, I personally have to mix to achieve my perfect color. It’s a little work, but is worth the great look!

Enjoy Beauties

Colors Available: 

Vanilla Cream
Warm Vanilla
Perfect Nude
Warm Nude
Honey Beige
Warm Honey
Cocoa Beige
Warm Cocoa

Find Yours: At Ulta or Sephora for $36.00

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Viola Davis We Honor You...

In Honor of Black History Month

Bousie Make Up honors Viola Davis who has made us all believe that dreams do come true.  The Screen Actors Guild honored the celebrated actress for her role in “The Help”. She transformed from her Oscar nominated role as housekeeper, into a Goddess. Viola was beyond beautiful in a white and antique gold Marchesa gown that earned her top honors on many of Hollywood’s Top Dressed list for the night.  Mrs. Davis’ make up was gorgeous with fresh, flawless, glowing skin.  Her eyes were adorned with golden hues with a strong smoky black liner, lush lashes and a nude lip that complimented her complexion.  In a society where her complexion was/is not always been celebrated, she proves that Queens come in all shades.

Bousie Make Up would like to Honor and Thank you for your contributions in our world. 
Dream Big and Dream Fierce- Viola Davis, SAG Awards

Photo Credit: Getty Images 2012