Friday, June 1, 2012

Spring Inspiration 2012

It’s springtime and as nature renews life, the land of beauty is also ready for a renewal with great new products and the reinvention of some of the classics.

This year, our spring beauty inspirations include bursts of bright colors that are very reminiscent of jewel tones. On the runway, our designer friends are giving us emerald greens, fiery oranges, electric blues, vibrant maize and intense purples.
Now you are thinking, “ how am I going to put all these colors into my look?” The key to making trends work is not to take everything that every fashion and beauty segment is showing and put it together!
The idea is for you to work these colors into your own personal style. One thing is to remain true to yourself and your own style. For example if its not your personality or style to wear bright colors over the eye, don’t wear it in your crease to add a pop of color. One thing that I thrive on is making new items fit into a Beauty’s make up bag not totally remaking her. Lets face it; its super expensive and some mass-market products are Great!!
Here’s few of my fav’s for working Bursts of Color into your look!!

Emerald Green

Fiery Orange

Electric Blue

Vibrant Maize

Intense Purple

 ** Pencils are great because they come in soooooo many shades to change your look. Plus, they come in every Classic and Trendy Color. 

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