Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Larger Than Life Gloss...

Spring 2012
Larger Than Life
 Lip Gloss

Francois Nars, the King of color has introduced high shine impact glosses. They have intense color, glamorous shine and last longer than the traditional gloss. I know what you may be thinking, Why is this gloss ANY different than other glosses?.

Why is makes the Spring List
Nars has created an ultra creamy full-bodied gloss that is comfortable on the lips and will not dry the lips out. The new brush delivers precise application to define the shape of the lips as well as moisturize, hydrate and prevent radical free damage. There are also natural lip enhancers that will add volume (plumping) without the tingling.  No matter how small or large your lips may be volume is a good thing.
There are 10 shades and by the time this makes it to you, Spring break may have made its debut.

Stacey’s tip: Use a pencil to layer!

Where to Get:
** Don’t forget in go in store as much as you can, your in store make up artist appreciate it. J

Sephora: www.sephora.com
Nordstrom: www.nordstrom.com 
Saks:  www.saks.com 
Price: $ 24.00

** Pictures Provided by: www.narscosmetics.com 

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