Monday, June 11, 2012

Chrisette Michele: Get The Look

Get The LOOK
Chrisette Michele

An amazing Grammy Award winning singer who has penned beautiful music that speaks to the soul. Never afraid of to try something new, I love this look on her because its fresh, light and classic! It is also a way to bring in the summer.  As well as introduce color to your look, especially in you are a bit intimidated.

Complexion: Start with a great matte foundation, its ideal to match your skin dead on.  If anything please go lighter, because you can always use bronzer to make it deeper. Where if you get a foundation that is too dark, you will always have a ring around the face and neck. 

Eyes:  With Chrisette Michele, who has beautiful eyes kept it really simple. You can a bit of bronzer over the lids and line upper and lower lash line with black. Last but not least pile on the mascara.

Cheeks:  I would highlight the cheek with illuminator and NARS “Luster” on the apples of the cheeks.

Lips:   I love OCC’s Lip Tar in Demure a berry tone fuchsia. Lip Tar stays on and will complete you look for almost the entire night.

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