Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Bliss Fabulous Face Lotion

Skin Care is ALWAYS Important

We have a tendency to focus on make up, because it’s the fun part, however, I cannot stress enough, the importance of proper skin care.

I just tried a few new goodies and I need to share the love!!!

Fabulous Face Lotion

Time for a story!  As I was getting dressed one morning , I said, “Stacey, let’s try this new product”! While I was putting on this lotion, I say to myself “Ohh this is fabulous!” I reached for the   box that I discarded, and to my surprise it said, FABULOUS FACE LOTION!!!!!  Of course you know I chuckled to myself and thought how brilliant I was! Okay, okay, I laughed out loud and said it out loud!

Since I am an oily girl, I usually have real issues with facial lotions. I hate lotions that are heavy and greasy.  This lotion is slated for all skin types, and has a SPF of 15, which is super important, even for Brown Beauties.

Bliss has given us this lightweight, non-greasy lotion that delivers essential vitamins, minerals and omegas. It also illuminates the skin!  Who could ask for anything more!

In the words of Bliss, “It will make you look  `spa-velous’!

Enjoy Beauties! 

Where to Find: $36.00
Sephora: :  Go and experience the product firsthand!

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