Saturday, November 20, 2010

So let's get started!!

Bousie Blog featuring Make Up and Stuff

Who: This is a place where we ALL can play and discuss our addictions to products amongst other Beauties! This is a place ALL us girls can speak.  Our Teens all the way up to our Champagne girls. Our Porcelain Princesses to our Godiva Girls. We all have special questions so ask’em!   

Why: Because there are a lot of people who like make up, but never have the time to dedicate to touching every single product. 

Difference: Lets just be honest, just about every girl LOVES make up! But not every one knows hoe to use the product or the different ways to use a product. We get caught up on what the label says when we can get more bang for our buck if we think bout of the box.

We all have our favorites, but I promise that when I am being biased I will say it!!

With all this said lets get started!!!! 

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