Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy New Years Beauties

Happy New Year Beauties

One thing that we all do this time of year is make resolutions! No matter if you love them or hate them, we all do. When a New Year rolls around it’s a time to renew and try to change those things that we improve about ourselves. Well its 2011 and its It’s all about bringing yourself out of your box!!

  Let’s Talk Beauty!

1. Open Your Eyes, Get a New Eye Liner
I suggest a medium purple, I know what you are thinking, trust me this will work!!  No matter what Complexion Diva you are this will bring out your eyes. Its just something about a nice egg plant or richer that will open and brighten up the eye. Everything isn’t Black and Brown!!

2. Everything Faux Ain't Bad, Every Girl needs a Pair of Falsies
Faux eyelashes are a great way to brighten up your eyes. As well as give your look a little DRAMA.  I know that a lot of our Beauties are getting their lashes professional done, which is great, just know when to stop!! J It’s becoming an epidemic where the lashes are being piled on where they look unflattering and fake!! (Sorry that is such a pet peeve) However you choose to do it is fine. I personally like to place them on myself and take them off at night. Plus you can use them again when its time to go out.

3. Brighten up Your Face, Blush is your Friend
I will be the first to confess, that I use to feel that blush was optional. In the Great voice of one of my fellow artist Catalina, “Blush is number one and the more the better!!!”  Blush is just a way of adding color to your face and balancing out your entire look. Blush just like everything else comes in many textures. If you have dryer skin, then I would lean towards a cream or a mousse. Young skin can use just about any kind, even the stains that are growing in popularity. If you wear blush try a new color, step out of your box. Try a blush with a little sparkle if you are use to a matte.  
Yes, blush is for everyone! Godiva Divas, I am talking to you too! Believe it or not there is a blush for everyone, even the ones who feel that they can’t find their perfect color.  

4. Conceal your Imperfections, Concealer is the Key to Perfection
Concealer is your answer to getting your perfect look. There are a few powder concealers out there, but I tend to lean towards creamy texture concealer.  Creamy concealers cover more of the imperfection without becoming cakey and false. Depending on your needs, will determine the type of concealer that you will love. There are concealer that brighten, waterproof, hydrate etc. So it’s going to aide the skin as well as give you instant perfection.

5. Scrub the Day Away, Exfoilate
One mistake that Beauties tend to forget is to exfoliate. Its mandatory! Sometimes when your foundation isn’t wearing as well or you feel that you just look blah. Nine times out of ten, a quick exfoliation will totally change your look. Depending on your skin, will determine how many times a week you can complete the process. Sensitive skin Beauties may chose to exfoliate once a week and be careful not to choose a harsh one. Typical Beauties will tend to exfoliate, twice a week. Personally, I like to exfoliate two to three times a week. Remember, that I am super duper oily and I need to remove dead skin more often to keep from getting pimples. So I tend to lean towards ones that have sugar in them so I can feel the graduals. I know, I’m so wired, but if it tingles that’s even better.

** I have included pictures of a few of my favorites, but email me a few of your fav’s!!

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