Sunday, December 19, 2010

On the 6th Day of Christmas

On the 6th Day of Christmas My True Love gave to me…

Boscia Skin Perfecting Primer

Hello Beauties,

Let’s talk about primers for a second. I know that some of you believe that primer isn’t a necessity. Trust me, it is! Depending on your skin type, will determine what type of primer that you will want or need. Personally, I have very oily skin, so I like a primer that will absorb oil as well as prime my face for the rest of my make up routine.

Why Primer: Long story short its main job is to help your make up stay on longer, so its not wearing off and depending on the type of primer you use it can either absorb oil so you don’t become oily by mid day or it can add hydration to the skin, so your face is less likely to because flakey, or minimize fine lines and pores.

Why this Primer: I have a few primers that I tend to use, just depending on what I find in my make up bag first or the season. This primer by Boscia who is major leader in the skin care arena is developing products that will assist in taking care of your skin. They are a preservative free skin care line that is starting to dabble in make up. The Skin Perfecting Primer is an oil-free gel primer that creates a matte finish. This primer helps me get a matte finish, since I have oily skin; my entire objective is to look less dewy. The gel is a great texture because I can use this even after a skin treatment and it will help sooth the skin and will not aggravate or peel once I start putting on my foundation. Beauties with dryer skin can use this too because of the gel texture and it still will not peel and provide you with enough hydration.
Plus it won the 2009 Fitness Beauty Awards, which says to me that its great for lasting for on our Beauties who lead active lives. So if it works for those who are extremely active where skin care is important because of what preparation/climate can do to the skin. It has to be worth a try! 

Where: or Sephora stores
Price:  $28.00

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