Wednesday, December 14, 2011

On the 11th Day of Christmas...

On the 11th Day of Christmas…

My True love gave to me… a NARS Danmari All About Cheeks Palette

This fabulous palette was sent from the heavens. The entire NARS holiday collection is based on the grand tradition of Japanese Kabuki theatre. Dan Mari is filled with six pigmented blushes that will let you create your own alter ego. NARS has become the authority on blushes with its cult favorite Orgasm. It’s hard to believe that he (François Nars) started out a lipstick guru!!  First, I do have good news and bad news! The Bad news is that this palette is limited edition, which you can ONLY get at Sephora.  You know that I am and will always be a true Sephora head.  Second, the good news is that ALL of these colors are available in the line year round. So use until your hearts content. You can complete any look with these array of highlighters, blushes and bronzers.  What exactly is in this palette?  For starters “Hungry Heart” which is a highlighter, that has a gold finish, and it will work with almost every skin tone. The Industry Smashing “Orgasm”, which is a peachy pink with a touch of gold shimmer. Orgasm is a color that truly works on everyone from our Porcelain Princesses to our Godiva Goddesses. Next we have “Super Orgasm” which is based after the Queen of Blush “Orgasm” and its name says it all, it’s peachy like its sister, but its pack with gold glitter.  “Desire” is a bright pink, but don’t let it worry you, because it leaves a beautiful hue on the skin. I personally love it on the crease of a deep smoky eye. “Sin” is a beautiful berry hue with a touch a shimmer, this color is often over looked, but provides a beautiful flush to the skin when applied.  Last but not least the single bronzer  “Casino”, which is the deeper than its “Laguna” sister, but its excellent on any color.  If you are a lighter complexion, use this in your crease it will provide great look. I know that you will love this palette as much as I do!!  

Enjoy Beauties!! 

What would go GREAT with this product?  Sephora Blush Brush 

Price: $65.00 (Kit) $34.00(Brush)

Sephora: Go to your local Sephora or

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