Saturday, December 24, 2011

On the 4th Day of Christmas...

On the 4th Day of Christmas…
My True Love gave to me… Bronzed & beautiful Gild-y as charged, Year Round!! 

One of the biggest pet peeves about the wintertime is that our skin changes and looses color and it’s just not as vibrant. Right?! The Good people at Benefit have designed a kit to assure that we have the summers glow year round. This years holiday kit is packed full of product that we will be able to try now and if we fall in love its available year round. That’s one reason why I love Benefit; they typically fill their kits with things that are available ANY time. Bronzed & beautiful Gild-y as charged is packed with many of Benefits top sellers like 
High Beam which is a high lighting complexion enhancer, Hoola, which is a bronzed powder that is packaged for travel. It provides a sun kissed tint. It gives a natural finish ensures that you never look like a tan gone wrong. Gilded, (which is one of my new favorite things) is a peachy orange gold highlighter) and lat but not least the signature mascara BADgal on deep brown that will grantee longer lashes.
Enjoy Beauties!!

Price: $38.00

Where can you find it:

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